Workshops focus on teaching traditional fusion bonded Mokume Gane. Combining Japanese tradition and western technology, Eric guides participants through the Mokume Gane process. Billets are made successfully and efficiently using a low-tech method designed for modest studios. A refractory brick mini-furnace and a simple soldering torch are two key components.

  • Beginning jewelry and metalsmithing skills are necessary to take a Mokume Gane workshop.

  • workshops are typically three days, lasting 7-8 hours with a midday lunch break

  • two day workshops participants are provided a pre-made copper & silver billet

  • three day workshops participants make their own copper & silver billet

  • week long workshops participants make multiple billets and experiment with different metal combinations

  • particpants in all workshops are shown the entire billet making process, along with forging and patterning demonstrations

  • participants in most workshops work towards a finished project using their piece of patterned Mokume Gane

  • a maximum of 10 participants per workshop 

  • Eric's fee is $500 per day and does not include travel costs and lodging

  • participants pay a $110 kit fee that includes pre-cut copper and silver sheets along with other materials needed to make their own Mokume Gane

  • participants may purchase a $65 mini-furnace to help make Mokume Gane in their own studio

Tools & Materials Provided by Eric

  • refractory brick mini-furnaces

  • steel torque plates w/ hardware

  • 3M Scothbrite cleaning blocks

  • cleaning jigs

  • simple green degreaser

  • 220 sand paper

  • pumice powder

  • vise grips & forging tongs

  • forging hammers

  • hacksaw w/ blades

  • drill bits & carving burs

  • saw blades

Tools & Equipment Needed at Studio

  • basic hand tools (saws, files, pliers, ring mandrels, hammers)

  • minimum 2 soldering stations (acetylene, natural gas or propane)

  • minimum 4 anvil surfaces (anvils or large vise plates)

  • flex-shafts or dremel tools

  • belt sander (w/ coarse grit)

  • rolling mill (w/ 3" flat preferred)

  • bench mounted drill press (3/8" collet)

  • 20 ton hydraulic press

Materials List for Participants

  • 6" metal ruler

  • fine point sharpie marker

  • note taking materials

  • safety glasses

  • ear protection

  • closed toed shoes

  • dust mask 

  • personal hand tools always recommended (saw, files, ring mandrel, hammers)