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Eric’s introduction to Mokume Gane came at Kansas State University, studying with Elliott Pujol. The initial attraction was the organic wood grain pattern and its history in Japanese sword making. With more research and failed attempts at solder bonded Mokume he became more aware of its relationship to blacksmithing and intrigued with pattern development.

His experience making the material truly began in graduate school.  Access to a well-equipped metals studio gave him the ability to fire large billets, experiment with metal combinations, and tweak metal preparation methods. Three years at Arizona State University gave Eric time to concentrate on the technique, improve his jewelry/metals skills, and also introduced him to teaching. However, a challenge came about after graduate school. How to keep making it without access to proper equipment?

Over the next several years he researched methods to make high quality, small scale Mokume Gane using common tools and equipment found in most jewelry studios. He developed a quick and efficient cleaning process along with a torch fueled refractory brick mini-furnace. He’s been teaching this method since 2011 and started, Mokume Gane Workshops in 2014. His goal is teaching jewelers and metalsmiths a low tech, low cost, and efficient method to making traditional fusion bonded Mokume Gane.

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