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Mokume Gane Kit is the same used in Eric's workshops. Its suited for making small billets, typically using 24- 18 gauge sheet metal with a maximum footprint of 1" x 1 1/4". The Kit centers around the refractory brick mini-furnace. The firing chamber is 3" in diameter and 2 1/2" tall and can be lifted off the base for easy access. It's bound with steel wire to minimize cracking as it heats and cools.  A wood and steel handle is included for removing the lid, as well as a riser for short billets and a prop to steady the torch. Most soldering torches will work with the mini furnace. Pictured below is a Smith acetylene torch, but propane or natural gas works just as well.  The mini furnace can also be used for annealing billets or other larger pieces of metal.

The Basic Kit includes:

  • refractory brick mini-furnace w/ lid handle

  • set of 2" x 2 " x 3/8" steel torque plates

  • 2 sets of high grade steel hardware

  • set of steel hex compression spacers for hydraulic press

  • wood and brass cleaning jig

  • 3M scotchbrite cleaning blocks

  • air blower

  • 2oz. pumice powder

  • 2 lint-free towels (not pictured)

  • 320 grit emory paper (not pictured)

  • $170 per kit (includes USPS 2-day priority shipping)


​To make a purchase go to the MGW Store

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